Streetcorner Symphony - Rob Thomas - Rhythm/Vocal/Lead Sheet

A joyous tune celebrating brotherhood and unity from Rob Thomas! The form of the original recording is closely followed but has a little extended tag/playout.

The Rhythm/Lead/Vocal sheet contains chord changes and rhythm section cues throughout.

Performance options: As mentioned, with an extended outro, there are numerous opportunities to make cuts if not intending for this to run so long. The “On and on” tag could even be bypassed by jumping ahead to the Final Chorus rather than going back to the DS.

Also available with Full Band Accompaniment or in a reduced 5-horn edition

Additional Info

  • Price: 4.99
  • Composer: Rob Thomas & Matt Serletic
  • Product ID: H0.855389-SC001262887
  • Instrumentation: Rhythm/Vocals
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