Steve's Going to London - Pop song by AJR for Trombone Trio

This fun and exciting song from pop band AJR is arranged here for a trio of 2 Tenor Trombones and Bass Trombone or Tuba but can also be pulled off with any combination of bass clef instruments: Trombones, Baritones/Euphoniums or Bassoons. The form here emulates the beginning of the AJR track with chorus, verse, chorus, then moves ahead to a different sort of trombone jam/playout (beginning at measure 51) which calls out some London-flavored melodies before a restatement of the last phrase of the chorus.

The 1st part keeps the melody throughout this arrangement. There are some lower octave cues in the verse that will allow the player to only have to briefly touch on some F's and G's above the staff a few times if they don’t have a high B-flat at the ready. The remaining parts shoulder the greater technical challenge but also have some simplified cue notes available if needed.

Optionally, if your group prefers not to undertake the brief tempo change (and Rule Britannia! quote) you can optionally skip measures 57 and 58 without slowing, but the chuckle from your audience will surely be worth the extra effort.

Additional Info

  • Price: 19.99
  • Composer: Jack Metzger, Adam Metzger, Ryan Metzger
  • Product ID: 976196
  • Instrumentation: 3 Trombones
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