Jesus Is Coming Soon - Oak Ridge Boys - TTBB Quartet/Chorus with Piano Acc.

This 70's-era gospel standard is presented here in a TTBB Men's Quartet (or Men’s Chorus) arrangement much in the style as performed by the Oak Ridge Boys. Besides the vocal and piano parts, this arrangement also includes the chord changes throughout (with guitar fretboards) and notated piano introduction.

Range-wise, there are a few things to watch for. The Bass part is intended for a very low voice going down to the low “C” below the staff, though it is cued in the higher octave. The Tenor line spends a good deal of time up at the “G” on top of the staff, and there is also a “Willie Wynn” - styled solo at the end that could feature a soloist up there.

A great addition to either celebratory worship services or special concert settings!

Also available as a stand-alone Lead Sheet

Additional Info

  • Price: 1.99
  • Composer: Robert E. Winsett
  • Product ID: H0.876767-SC001400452
  • Instrumentation: TTBB Vocals with Piano Acc.
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