I Love To Tell The Story - TTBB Men's Chorus (or Quartet) with Piano

This is a TTBB Gospel Chorus (or Quartet) with Piano Accompaniment of the hymn "I Love To Tell The Story" in a style much like was recorded by The Oak Ridge Boys on their album “Revival.” None of the parts are very difficult range-intensive, the high tenor only goes as high as an F above the bass clef and the Bass line hovers around the F at the bottom of the staff with an optional low C.

Included parts: there is a fully notated piano accompaniment part with Piano/Vocals/Chord symbols as well as a free-standing TTBB vocal part.

Performance option: This is written with a repeat back to the introduction for the second verse. This can be done with the full ensemble or could make for an opportunity for a soloist until the refrain. A fine addition to any worship service!

Additional Info

  • Price: 14.99
  • Composer: By Kate Hankey and William G. Fischer
  • Product ID: AH9701
  • Instrumentation: TTBB vocals and Piano
Arranged by:

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