Route 66 - Head Chart for Saxophone Quartet and Rhythm Section

This standard is available here for 4 Saxophones (AATB) and Rhythm section.

This arrangement was written as a “Head” chart where, after the initial rundown of the melody, the form is repeated for as many soloists as are desired before a final repeat playing the tune and proceeding to the second ending. Chord changes are provided in all parts for flexibility in soloist selection. Optionally, the brief stop-time at measure 27 makes for a good place for the ensemble to come back in during a final solo and head on through the 2nd ending. Another performance option: It works well to start this tune with walking bass alone, horns come in at the head, then add full rhythm at measure 15 the first time..

This chart makes for a good opportunity for a sax quartet to perform this tune in harmony with a rhythm section.

Also available for Trombone Quartet or mixed Jazz Combo

Additional Info

  • Price: 24.99
  • Composer: Bobby Troup
  • Product ID: H0.880463-SC001288402
  • Instrumentation: 4 Saxes (AATB) & Rhythm
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