Dawn of the Century March - Polka for “Hungry Five” Band

Edward Taylor Paull (1858-1924) was an American composer of marches and rags who was successful in producing a large number of circus marches in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. His “Dawn of the Century March” welcomed in the then-brand new Twentieth Century.

This arrangement has been prepared for the instrumentation of Alford’s “Hungry Five” polka band books and serves as a fine addendum to those familiar pieces.  While the clarinet parts tend to be the most active, they often feature diatonic scalar patterns that remain accessible to most intermediate-level players. Though the trumpet part does sneak up to some written high A’s and B-flats during the first strain, the remainder of the piece doesn’t surpass the G on top of the staff. At the risk of sounding sloppy, it may be better to take the tempo a little lesser than a circus march tempo to accommodate. Besides, if playing this piece to accompany Polka dancing, it would be best to take this at a more danceable tempo anyway.

This downloadable PDF package contains a full score and a set of parts that are ready to go for adding some extra variety to your German Band’s Oktoberfest OomPah gig!

Additional Info

  • Price: 19.99
  • Composer: E.T. Paull
  • Product ID: AH2401
  • Instrumentation: 2 Cl, Tpt, Tbn, Tuba
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