Cool Yule - Bette Midler - Vocal Solo with Full Orchestra and Rhythm Section

Bette Midler’s fun and quirky rendition of this Christmas ditty is available here as a vocal feature with accompaniment by full orchestra with rhythm section. It follows her recording in key (D Major) and in form, yet adds some additional flourishes in the strings and winds to keep things interesting.

This instrumentation makes use of the standard orchestral wind brigade instead of a saxophone section as used on the recording, so the wind and brass parts emulate the big band ensemble hits to provide a similar flavor but with a different complement of players. Of note, there are some solos for the bassoonist in the introduction and interlude.

For this arrangement, it is crucial to have a rhythm section in addition to the winds/strings/percussion. There is a walking String Bass part for the rhythm section player and a separate Contrabass part for the orchestral basses. The Rhythm section Guitar and String Bass parts use chords/slashes but the Piano part offers a fully notated option with chord changes.

This song is always a great crowd pleaser and is a great showoff tune for your female vocalist!

Also availible for Big Band or reduced horn sections: 3-piece or Brass Quintet

Additional Info

  • Price: 59.99
  • Composer: Steve Allen
  • Product ID: H0.1186928-SC001202495
  • Instrumentation: Vocal Solo with Full Orchestra and Rhythm Section
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