Most Certainly - Trombone Section feature for Big Band

Here’s an easy-going swing tune to feature your trombonists! While usually the Trumpet and sax sections will carry the melodic duties in the jazz ensemble, this original from Aaron Hettinga gives your section the chance to shine with opportunity for solos and plenty of section soli playing.

There are plenty of texture changes around: tight high harmony, call & response, solo support, group articulations, great chances to showcase your trombone section and provide opportunities to teach developing players about ABAC form and ensemble.

While the top two bone parts can be a bit taxing in range (the lead part especially as it hangs around high C for the much of the last page) and remain ideal for advancing players, the lower parts (and remaining sax and trumpet pats) are mostly straightforward for what’s found in Big Band swing charts.

Also available as a standalone Trombone quartet with Rhythm section.

Additional Info

  • Price: 39.95
  • Composer: Aaron Hettinga
  • Product ID: AH2003
  • Instrumentation: 5444 Big Band
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Demo Recording/Score-Follow video

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