Praise You In This Storm - Casting Crowns - Rhythm/Vocal Plus Horns and Strings

This powerful song from Casting Crowns is presented here as a Rhythm/Vocal Lead Sheet and 4-3-3 horn section. Strings are included along with a synth reduction. The form matches the original recording and is ½ step lower.

Flexibility: This arrangement will work in multiple contexts. Any number of Rhythm players and vocalist will get adequate information from the lead sheet to make for a complete performance. The freestanding String Quartet parts are reduced into the Synth part for additional reinforcement of string lines if so desired, but that part also includes chord symbols to allow for pads in tacet phrases. The horn section parts are unique to this arrangement and add some extra punch to a live performance without interfering with the core of the piece.

Also available as a freestanding Lead Sheet or with just the string section accompaniment

Additional Info

  • Price: 24.99
  • Composer: Bernie Herms and Mark Hall
  • Product ID: H0.849185-SC000021646
  • Instrumentation: Lead Sheet, Strings, Synth, 4-3-3 horns
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