I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston - 3-piece horn chart (Tpt, Tenor, Bone) - IN F

This arrangement of Whitney Houston’s classic recording gives a horn section a chance to add some live sizzle atop a performance of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody." These horn parts fit right in with the style of the recorded song, while following the style and form of the original track to bring some extra punch to some of the synth lines in the rhythm section.

This edition includes Trumpet, Tenor Sax, and Trombone parts that will fit with a rhythm section and singer performing this song a half-step below its original key, beginning in the key of F, then modulating up a whole step to the key of G for the final chorus and outro.

Really lifts up a live performance!

Available in keys of G-flat (original key)F (down m2)E (down M2), and E-Flat (down m3)

Additional Info

  • Price: 12.99
  • Composer: By George Merrill, Shannon Rubicam
  • Product ID: H0.1096247-SC001283327
  • Instrumentation: Tpt, Tenor, Bone
Arranged by:


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