Red Rubber Ball - Paul Simon - for Instrumental Solo and Piano Accompaniment

This oldie but goodie by Cyrkle and Simon & Garfunkel is presented here in a flexible arrangement for Instrumental Solo with Piano Accompaniment. This package includes transposed parts to allow for any instrumentalist to play this song with a pianist. All of the packaged solo parts are prepared to be relatively accessible to players of even moderate ability as there are no major range challenges that are taxing to the extremes of any instrument. Alternatively, the soloist may optionally wish to play the written part an octave higher (such as for Flute or Violin). The technical challenges may come about if taken at a particularly brisk tempo, but even a slightly slower interpretation will sound great.

Performance notes: The key change is present as a tribute to the original recordings, but doesn’t play out here quite the same way. Keys better suited to band instruments are utilized instead, but it can still sneak up on you. If the performers would prefer a shorter performance, the 1st ending could be bypassed altogether.

Also available for Brass Quintet Clarinet Choir or AATTB Saxophone Quintet

Additional Info

  • Price: 4.99
  • Composer: Paul Simon, Bruce Woodley
  • Product ID: H0.862405-SC001267219
  • Instrumentation: Solo (any instrument) with Piano
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