Venus, the Bringer of Peace - Gustav Holst - from “The Planets” - for Trombone and Organ

I'm proud to announce that this arrangement has been published through Cherry Classics!

Gustav Holst's "Planets" suite for symphony orchestra has long been a favorite. From the amazing use of orchestral colors to the exciting parts written for trombones in the Mars and Jupiter movements, it's everything a young low brass musician would love.

Over time, I came to appreciate the Venus movement above all the others, yet knew there would never be a practical reason for a trombonist to play the beautiful horn solo that opens it. After many years of work on this arrangement for solo trombone and organ, there's finally an opportunity to present this amazing work while still respecting the form of Holst's work. In preparing this piece, a key objective was to keep from abridging the work's length at all, as well as making sure all of the most important melodic and harmonic elements remain present. 

This piece will reward an advanced soloist with a strong and lyrical high register. 

Additional Info

  • Price: 25.00
  • Composer: Gustav Holst
  • Product ID: #718479
  • Instrumentation: Solo Trombone and Organ
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