Palmyra Schottische - Port Royal Civil War Series for Brass Quintet

Composer Claudio S. Grafulla (1810-1880) was bandmaster for New York’s 7th Regimental band and became one of the key contributors of pieces for the Port Royal Band Books used during the American Civil War. Graffulla was responsible for the introduction at the front of J.P. Rowbotham’s “Palmyra Schottische” composition, originally #45 in the Port Royal Band Books, which is presented here in an arrangement for Brass Quintet.

This arrangement carries forward the flavor of this charming piece, though it may take players of at least moderate ability to pull it off. The 1st trumpet and horn parts pose the greater technical challenge, and the first trumpet part spends much time in a higher tessitura with little opportunity for rest, which is why some additional transpositions are provided in this package. The cadenza can be taken ad lib as only the first pitch and the last 3 eighth notes in this part were in the original handwritten manuscript.

Performance notes: For all entries in the Port Royal Civil War Brass Quintet series, it’s recommended to utilize instruments such as Cornets and Euphonium in place of the Trumpet and Trombone parts to more faithfully emulate the sounds of the conical-bore instruments of the period. Extra sets of 1st Trumpet parts are included, transposed for use with Eb Tpt or Bb Piccolo Tpt instead if desired.

These arrangements are a great opportunity to incorporate music from the American Civil War era into your Brass Quintet’s repertoire.

Also available as part of the Port Royal Civil War Series for Brass Quintet - 3-Pack

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  • Price: 24.99
  • Composer: J. P. Rowbotham/C. S. Grafulla
  • Product ID: AH2211
  • Instrumentation: Brass Quartet (2tpt, hn, tbn, tba)
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