Blue Bells of Scotland - Trombone Solo with Brass Quintet Accompaniment

Arthur Pryor’s famous theme and variations on “The Blue Bells of Scotland” has been a showcase for trombonists with strong technique and agility for well over a century. While this work is most commonly performed as accompanied by a wind band or with piano, in this arrangement the soloist is supported by a standard brass quintet.

The solo part is unchanged from Pryor’s original, though there are some minor tweaks to suggested slide positions and other notations throughout. While each of the accompanying quintet parts do feature some small technical requirements, they remain at an intermediate level where even less-experienced players should be able to pull them off.

Performance suggestion: as an option, it’s recommended to utilize Cornets and Euphonium in place of the Trumpet and Trombone parts in the accompanying quintet to more faithfully emulate the sounds of the conical-bore instruments of the period and to better separate the tonality of the accompaniment from the soloist.

This arrangement is a great vehicle to showcase a talented trombonist on this classic piece of standard trombone literature!

Additional Info

  • Price: 29.99
  • Composer: Arthur Pryor
  • Product ID: AH2215
  • Instrumentation: Solo Tbn plus Brass Quartet (2tpt, hn, tbn, tba)
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