Alleluia - Larry Gatlin - For Trombone Trio/Quartet/Choir

This A Cappella performance by the Gatlin Brothers is presented here for trombone trio or quartet. As the Gatlin Brothers are a vocal trio, playing this arrangement without the 4th part will still remain faithful to the original performances.

Performance notes - Range: On the top end, the first part goes as high as an A-flat above the staff and the bottom part has an optional pedal A-flat as well. None of these parts present great technical challenges but present an opportunity to display ensemble section playing.

A great option for a reflective moment when used in a worship setting.

Additional Info

  • Price: 14.99
  • Composer: Larry Gatlin
  • Product ID: H0.896185-SC001241665
  • Instrumentation: Trombone Trio/Quartet/Choir
Arranged by:


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