Let Us Break Bread Together - for Trombone Quintet/Choir

This traditional hymn is given a tender treatment in Steve Ash’s arrangement for trombone quintet. While the First and Third parts deliver the melody, the remaining interesting harmonies and accompaniment patterns around the ensemble keep things interesting for everybody.

This piece is a good exercise in blend and ensemble playing. There are a few 3rd ledger line G’s above the staff but no major range or technical challenges, making for an accessible chart for a broad range of skill levels.

A fantastic chart for adding a sensitive spiritual piece onto your trombone ensemble program!

Additional Info

  • Price: 19.99
  • Composer: American Folk Hymn
  • Product ID: AH2203
  • Instrumentation: 5-part Trombone Ensemble, 4 Tenors + Bass
Arranged by:

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