Christmas Time Is Here - from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” - for Trombone Quintet/Choir

This melancholy Christmas standard from the 1960’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” television special gets a low brass treatment in Steve Ash’s lovely arrangement for trombone quintet. While every part takes its turn with the melody for at least a short time, this is a good vehicle for showcasing a solid jazzy-ballad lead trombonist. Other accompanying moving lines around the entire ensemble will keep things interesting for everybody.

While the lead trombone part spends a little bit of time in the upper register, and there are a few characteristic lower notes for the bass trombonist, there aren’t many other technical challenges making for an accessible chart for a broad range of skill levels.

This fantastic chart belongs in the book for every trombone ensemble’s Christmas program as it brings a smile to everyone’s face!

Also available for Brass Quintet

Additional Info

  • Price: 19.99
  • Composer: By Lee Mendelson, Vince Guaraldi
  • Product ID: H0.1182463-SC001062644
  • Instrumentation: 5-part Trombone Ensemble, 4 Tenors + Bass
Arranged by:


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