Joshua Fit The Battle - 5 Trombone Sheet Music

Here's a fun arrangement of the traditional spiritual for Trombone ensemble that is always well received. The melody gets passed around between the various parts of the ensemble and there's some tasty soli sections as well. A great option for wanting a swing-band type of chart on a Trombone choir program.

Scored for 4 Tenor Trombones and 1 Bass Trombone, the Bass Trombonist gets first crack at the melody with some space for light ad-libbing before taking on a walking bass role afterward. After an improv solo opportunity for the Lead Trombonist, there’s a section labeled “EXTREMELY Laid Back” featuring a large shift in rhythmic and harmonic density that works best when observing the wide dynamic variations, playing really light and easy before cranking out the accented off-beat hits and coming right back down before wrapping it all up at the ending.

This chart works well where an advancing ensemble is able to cover the range extremes on both the high and low ends by the Lead and Bass parts. There’s also the opportunity to keep all players on their toes as the Bb Minor key signature can surprise younger players with a number of unexpected G Flats.

MP3 recording included free with Sheet Music download.

Also available for Mixed Brass Ensemble

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  • Price: 29.95
  • Composer: Traditional
  • Product ID: AH2001
  • Instrumentation: Trombone Quintet/Choir
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