Because (Beatles) Trombone Choir

This beautiful recording from the Beatles is presented here in an arrangement for trombone choir. The 5 ensemble parts serve as accompaniment to the vocals, and the Trombone 1 part has a more individual role in “answering” the vocals. None of the five trombone choir parts are very difficult, though the 4th part is a bit rhythmically persistent throughout. The key signature may pose a slight challenge for younger players. The higher vocal sub parts are rather taxing in the high range for sustained phrasing

Flexibility: This arrangement will work in multiple contexts. A 5-part ensemble can accompany a vocal ensemble, or a full 8-part trombone choir is possible. The Bass Trombone part is well suited to be played by Tuba if desired. Additionally, this entire arrangement conforms to the original artist’s recording in Key and Form. If desired, this chart could be used in performance along with the isolated Beatles vocals from their Anthology 3 album for a truly unique performance experience...trombones accompanying Beatles vocals!

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  • Price: 19.99
  • Composer: Lennon/McCartney
  • Product ID: H0.823447-SC000001182
  • Instrumentation: 8 Trombones/opt 5 Trombones with vocal
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Demo Recording (Trombone Choir)

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