The Green Hornet Theme - Trumpet Feature in the style of Al Hirt - Full Big Band and opt Strings

The trumpet solo made famous by Al Hirt of “The Green Hornet Theme” (and more recently revived with its inclusion in the Quentin Tarantino motion picture “Kill Bill”) is presented here as a feature for a talented trumpet soloist to be accompanied by Full Big Band. This arrangement observes the original key and form of the classic recording.

While the trumpet solo and standard instrumentation sticks to the original performance, a number of additional optional parts (including Bass Sax as well as a 4-part String section) step up to add some extra flexibility to the big band accompaniment. The xylophone part is optional, as is the Timpani/Tambourine percussion part, but both add a nice bit of sparkle to the proceedings. The rhythm section parts are all fully notated. 

This is an advanced level arrangement that showcases a virtuoso trumpeter as supported by a solid ensemble.

A great way to add some 60’s television theme flavor onto your program!

Additional Info

  • Price: 59.99
  • Composer: Billy May
  • Product ID: A654621
  • Instrumentation: Tpt Feature with Big Band & Opt. Strings
Arranged by:


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