George of the Jungle Theme Song - Woodwind Ensemble

A fun number to play, on its own or combined with other TV theme songs on your program. The Rhythmic nature of the tune may pose a little challenge for younger players, and covers a fair degree of many of the instrument ranges. A good showcase for the variety of sounds that can come from even a small woodwind ensemble!

Flexibility: The Bassoon and Bass Clarinet parts are similar enough that the arrangement will work just fine without either of them. A tenor sax could play off of the Bass Clarinet part but would need to take a few notes up an octave due to instrument range limits. Adding piccolo to double the flute part adds an extra brilliance on top of it all!

Additional Info

  • Price: 12.99
  • Composer: Michael Richard Plowman
  • Product ID: H0.826285-SC001362412
  • Instrumentation: Woodwind ensemble
Arranged by:

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